Terms and conditions

(Please read our rental terms carefully before making a reservation)

Rental conditions


– Request.

Only written requests are accepted and the applicant accepts the rental conditions by name and on his behalf and of all passengers traveling on the vehicle. He will also have to indemnify the charterer against any loss, claim or damage that could be done against the charterer outside the responsibilities contained in the rental conditions.


– Quotations.

Quotes are given based on information given by the lessor. The renter reserves the right to use the routes most suitable to him at his discretion unless the lessee makes a specific and specific request. In this case, the request must be specified in the confirmation letter or invoice.

The prices are inclusive of 10% VAT, diesel, parking lots, motorway crossings, meals and driver accommodation unless the lessor agrees to personally liquidate them or some of them.


– Confirmation.

Only written confirmations by the charterer are to be considered acceptable for rental purposes and for any subsequent alteration of its terms.


– Reservations.

Reservations are valid for 28 days from the confirmation date unless otherwise specified at the time of confirmation.


– Payments.

Any deposit required must be received by the renter within the time limits established at the time of confirmation and the balance must be paid before the start of the rental unless otherwise agreed in writing to change the condition.

In the event of late payments, the renter will act according to the regulations in force in the code. (here he knows what to write)


– Cancellations

4 weeks or more: no compensation

3 weeks: 10% of the rental cost

2 weeks: 25% of the rental cost

1 week: 50% of the rental cost

Same day or on arrival: 100% of the rental cost


– Use of the vehicle

The vehicle will make the departure in the hours and in the place established with the renter. The charterer will be deemed exempt from liability in the event of delays due to unexpected circumstances such as strikes, mechanical problems, accidents, fires, etc.


– Changes in time and route

In the event of changes in time and route the charterer reserves the right to make a price change that will be specified on the invoice as “extra services”.


– Driver driving / rest times and current regulation

The availability of the vehicle with driver is 12 hours maximum. the daily driving time should not exceed 9 hours. The weekly driving time should not exceed 56 hours. The total driving time over two weeks should not exceed 90 hours. After a driving time of four and a half hours, the driver observes an interruption of at least 45 consecutive minutes. The regular obligatory daily rest is at least 11 hours. The regular mandatory weekly rest is at least 45 hours.

The current regulation of the driver’s driving hours must be strictly observed and never modified except in cases of extreme urgency. Neither the renter nor the passengers will therefore have to delay the departure or interrupt the journey by putting the driver at risk of violating the regulation. Otherwise the lessor will have to indemnify the renter if for such reasons he incurs additional costs for sanctions or to provide a second replacement driver or in addition to the already present one.


– Vehicle loading capacity

The lessee must load the vehicle respecting the maximum number of available seats.


– Transport of animals

To no animal, (unless they are guide dogs and in any case notified to the renter in advance), transport is permitted without written acceptance by the renter.


– Vehicle supply

The renter reserves the right to provide a vehicle of larger dimensions without extra costs for the renter unless you use some extra unplanned space.

The renter also reserves the right to replace the vehicle with another of its own or another operator, guaranteeing the same quality and efficiency.

The equipment of the vehicle (microphone, radio, TV, DVD, fridge, bathroom, etc.) will be provided at the discretion of the charterer unless otherwise specified in the quotation.


– Refreshments, alcohol, smoking

It is not allowed to make refreshments, drink alcohol or even smoke on the vehicle.


– Conduct of passengers

The driver is responsible for vehicle safety.

The renter is responsible for the conduct of passengers and any damage caused during the rental.

Any passenger who violates the rules of conduct may be expelled from the vehicle or not accepted at the time of loading by the driver.

The renter is responsible for the conduct of passengers and any damage caused during the rental.

The renter is exempt from any liability in the case of lost items, damage to luggage and other personal effects. They are transported on the vehicle at the owner’s discretion, risk and danger.


– Airport transfers

The charterer will be deemed exempt from liability for lost flights due to cancellations by airline companies and for road traffic issues.

NB: If the renter does not show up after 2 hours of waiting without notifying the delay and asking to remain still, the renter will leave the airport and the renter will have to provide the entire compensation for the service plus an extra amount for waiting hours and vehicle parking.


– Cancellations by the renter

In the event of exceptional circumstances such as emergencies, fires, strikes, accidents, riots, etc. That is events (adverse weather conditions included) impossible to control and manage the renter reserves the right to cancel the rental contract by returning the entire agreed amount.

The renter reserves the right to cancel reservations with at least 14 days’ notice before the service is performed.